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Facebook, Google, or Instagram: Which is the Best Place to Advertise in Canada?

September 10, 2021

Over the past couple of years, social media has gained popularity and become an important tool for information, entertainment, communication, and business. Across the globe, internet users are able to integrate messaging apps, photo-sharing platforms, as well as social networks into their professional and personal lives.
The social media phenomenon sweeping across the world has also had an impact on Canada. It is safe to say that the digital landscape in the country has considerably changed. After several years of growth, the number of people using social media networks in Canada is now 25.35 million.
As of now, the social network penetration in the country stands at 67%, indicating that Canadians are one of the most connected populations in the world. Marketing firms in Canada have further informed that over 80% of citizens are going to be embracing the convenience brought about by joining social media by the year 2025. This trend can help businesses explore the digital infrastructure in the country.

Why Use Social Media?

You already know what social media is but, as a business owner, you have to wonder whether or not it is worth your time. Well, the statistics do not lie. From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter and LinkedIn, more than 90% Millennials, 77% Generation Xers, and 48% Baby Boomers log on to social media every single day.
Once you consider that a large chunk of your customers uses social media actively, you will be able to implement it in the growth of your business. The top marketing agencies in Canada can tell you that building an entire community on social media can take effort and time but, it is all worth it!
However, the question remains, which social media networking site should you start with?

Facebook, Google, or Instagram?

If you are having trouble deciding, continue reading to know more about the advantages of each.

The Benefits of Advertising on Facebook

From enhancing the awareness of your brand to getting new customers, Facebook ads can help all kinds of businesses grow online. Here are the top pros of advertising on Facebook, as suggested by online marketing agency in Canada.

It is used by customers daily

Let us talk about facts first. 80% of all users on the internet use Facebook. Where Canada is concerned, 54.15% of the total visits on social media were to this platform in January of this year. Most people even check their feed several times a day. Regardless of which business you are in, your customers are using Facebook. Thus, they will surely see the ads you are putting on it.

It is the most targeted form of advertising

A very important benefit of using Facebook to advertise your business is its ability to help you target the audience you want. You can use its demographics of location, age, behavior, and interests to reach the people you want.

It yields quick results

You can derive immediate results from advertising on Facebook because you are able to reach thousands of people on a daily basis.

The pros of advertising on Google

Any digital marketing agency in Canada will tell you that the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system that Google uses will work for your business, no matter what it is. Like any other form of advertising, this too will require money and time, but it will all be well spent. Google Ads are well-known for delivering measurable ROI.

It can be scaled

Talk to any marketer in any social media marketing agency in Canada, and they will tell you that it is tricky to find lead sources that can be scaled. However, advertisements on Google are highly scalable. For this reason, many businesses break their bank just to reap the rewards of advertising on Google.

It can easily be measured

When you compare Google ads to traditional marketing channels, such as magazine and TV advertising, you will realize that it is wholly transparent and provides you with numerous metrics. You can easily check at a granular level all the things that will work for you and whichever will not.

It allows space for flexibility

When you are designing ads for Google, you are allowed to be as creative as you like. It allows you to develop your ads and campaigns based on your specific needs. Hence, you can also hyper-target the audiences that you are focusing the most on.

Reasons to advertise on Instagram

As per a report, by 2023, the number of people in Canada who are using Instagram is projected to be 14.3 million. Should you choose to advertise on this platform, you can reach these users and more. Read below to know just how Instagram can benefit your business.

It allows enhanced targeting

Using paid advertisements on this platform can help you be more precise when it comes to targeting your audience. Same as Facebook, you can use interests, behavior, and location to narrow down your target market. Thus, your advertisement will be shown to your target audience and help you increase the chances of making a sale.

It boosts the awareness of your brand

Running ads on Instagram is surely going to aid you in boosting overall brand awareness by reaching a greater audience. Around 80% of the users in Canada use the platform to follow at least a single brand account. Therefore, advertisements are likely to encourage these people to shop with you once they build credibility and help you establish trust.

It ensures greater customer satisfaction

Numerous people these days, especially because of the pandemic, have been shopping online. They may feel the need to talk about your brand or even ask a question from it. In situations like these, you can use your account to connect with your audience, as well as advertise in the process.

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Which one to pick?

There is no denying that all these social media platforms come with their own set of advantages. All of them are important in their own ways and can help you expand your horizons. However, if you have to choose only one of these, which one should it be?
Simply put, Facebook is the clear winner amongst the three. Along with providing numerous benefits, the platform has portrayed exceptional supremacy whenever businesses in Canada have chosen to run Facebook ads. As of now, of the total social media market share in the entire country, Facebook takes up 56.9%.
In addition, there are around 19 million people in Canada who are on Facebook, out of which 14 million check their app every single day. More than half of the citizens, on the other hand, check the social media website at least once a month. Another fact that helps businesses marketing on Facebook is that an average user spends at least seven hours in a month on the website.
The reach that Facebook has is enough to convince you that it is by far the best social media platform to market any and all kinds of businesses. Moreover, it provides ease, convenience and gives you space to be creative. Once your campaigns are developed, the algorithms used by the website help you narrow down your target market and expand your reach.
Pick one of the best marketing agencies in Canada for the most effective results for your business.