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How to get more customers to your store in Canada

September 10, 2021

Ever since the COVID pandemic has struck, all we can see is businesses failing, shops shutting down, and businesses losing a major share of the market. E-Commerce has very easily taken over the world, including Canada. While there is no doubt that shopping online is convenient and comes with its pros, according to, the sales in stores have no competition as such as they are 10 times larger than online sales. The in-store experience is something that cannot be achieved online as there are certain pains and doubts associated with online shopping.
Now, if you’re wondering how to hype up and promote in-store sales to your store in Canada, then there are some tips that you must follow to achieve that.

Send out promotional messages

If you’re new to promotional techniques using technology, then it is recommended that you hire a digital marketing agency in Mississauga that markets your business online through different channels. These channels could include emails, running advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, and sending promotions VIA text messages when customers leave their contact details with you. You can request your customers to fill a feedback form after visiting your store, mentioning through which platform they ended up at the store.
You can offer special offers and packages who decide to shop in-store instead of shopping online such as discounts and buy one get free one deal. Once they visit your store, you can also give out promotional coupons to ensure that the next time they want to purchase something, they visit the store.

Make your store child friendly

If you have a female-centric store that is related to women’s clothing, cosmetics, and kids’ clothing, then the tactic of making your store child-friendly will work out amazingly for you. Take advice from the top marketing agencies in Montreal to come up with a unique idea that makes your store child-friendly and also not too crowded or noisy at the same time.
If you have a huge store in Canada that has some extra space at the back for storage or inventory purposes, then you can clear out that area. Make sure that whatever you do is cost-efficient and does not become heavy on your pocket. You can introduce a play area with safe toys, accessories, and stationery for drawing and is covered with a glass that is see-through so parents can also keep an eye on their children and not panic if they cannot see them.

Establish an online presence

There are multiple marketing firms in Brampton that would suggest that in order to make sure that more and more people visit your store, you will have to establish a strong online presence. Now what this means is that due to technology being extremely popular amongst people, it has become a ritual that most people check out the store details and products online before visiting the store itself in person. When people see your business presence online, and then they see the deals and variety that you are offering, they will immediately take that opportunity to visit your store in Canada before it is too late and you run out of stock. Post customer-friendly adverts and provide them with an incentive that they visit your store and make the most out of it.

Post aesthetic photographs

Depending on what your brand is and what you sell, your customers must get to witness beforehand what they’re in for. If you don’t own a camera or have a photography team, then you hire a social media marketing agency in Vancouver that will help you figure out what’s new or what’s old-fashioned when it comes to taking photographs. With the help of your digital marketing team, do a little research and see what kind of shots your competitors post on the Internet and their social media pages. Ensure that you post high-quality aesthetic photos that attract the audience and show details of the outfits and the accessories you have on the rack

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